Information for Authors

The process of publishing a TU Delft open textbook is divided into three parts:
1. Preparation
2. Creating content
3. Production and publishing

1. Preparation
This part starts with an intake interview with the TU Delft library to discuss the following:
- The kind of publishing project you want to do: converting a traditional reader or textbook to an Open Textbook, or writing an Open Textbook from scratch;
- The copyright licenses of materials you intend to use for your textbook;
- The use of writing and design tools and platforms;
- Your personal preferences for your project.

2. Creating content
At the start of this part we provide an introduction to finding additional open educational resources (OER) that you could use in your project. If you want to convert a traditional reader or textbook into an Open Textbook we will perform a copyright- and similarity check on the resources you intend to use.
At this point in the process you will focus on assembling and writing content for the textbook. Here we can provide support upon request. You will send us your first draft manuscript when it is finished and we will perform another copyright- and similarity check. We also provide the opportunity for copy-editing of the manuscript by a professional editor.

3. Production and publishing
The final manuscript will be published as an open textbook on this platform with an ISBN and a DOI, and a link to the pdf-file will be included in our catalogue.
The Open Textbook entry will also contain a link to Webedu, a distributor that provides a print-on-demand service for paperback copies of your Open Textbook.
This allows readers to purchase a paperback copy of your Open Textbook.
The publication will also be included in the TU Delft Repository and will be made available on Open Textbook platforms such as OER commons, Merlot and Open Textbook Library.

After publication; what’s next?
After the book is published, we will monitor the pageviews and downloads of your Open Textbook to study the usage of the publication. We will provide you with receive periodic reports of these statistics.
We encourage you to revise the content periodically. You could ask for feedback on the content from students, colleagues and other experts in your field, even after publication.
If you want to revise your Open Textbook, you can contact us and send your revised manuscript with an overview of revisions. In case your revised manuscript has a significant amount of revisions, it will be published as a new edition.
You are free to make revisions at any time. However, we strongly advise to send us your revised manuscript no later than 6 weeks before the start of a course that uses the Open Textbook.