TU Delft Open Education framework

In January 2018, at the 176th Dies Natalis (foundation day) of the TU Delft the new strategic framework 2018-2024 was presented. The structure of the framework is based on two dimensions. The university’s core operations are divided into four operational areas: Students & EducationResearch & Innovation, People & Community, and Campus & Services. These are  developed along four major principles: Excellence, Impact, Engagement and Openness.

As a core principle of the new strategy framework, we strive to achieve openness in education. For education, the framework states:

We make Open Educational Resources part of TU Delft’s education policy by:

  • Structurally supporting lecturers and students with the use of such means.
  • Encouraging lecturers to publish their educational material under an open license.
  • Making open education part of the basic teaching qualification programme and the evaluation criteria of courses.
  • Replacing commercial textbooks by open resources in all BSc programmes as much as possible.

Open Textbook publishing will play a vital role in executing the TU Delft open education policy.


This text is revised from www.e-learn.nl,

"Impact for a better society" by Willem van Valkenburg is licensed under CC BY 4.0 


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