What is an Open Textbook?

An Open Textbook is a dynamic educational publication that can easily be shared, extended and kept up-to-date by the writers. As a TU Delft teacher, there are a couple of options at your disposal if you want to write your own Open Textbook. You can write your own Open Textbooks from scratch, or review content from external sources and incorporate it into your textbook. When using an Open Textbook in your teaching, you could also ask for feedback on the content from students. This way you can easily and quickly get first hand user feedback on your publication. Students could even play an active role in the curation of the content, if you involve them in the curation of the textbook. In this case, your role changes from content producer to editor of student contributions.


The impact of Open Textbooks in TU Delft Education

As TU Delft teacher with an Open Textbook, you are not just in complete control of the contents of your textbook, but you own the intellectual property right as well. Moreover, an Open Textbooks adds to your publication portfolio, as a book publication with an ISBN and a DOI.

Students benefit from using Open Textbooks, since they always have access to their textbooks and they can significantly cut their study costs, because the book is available at no cost.

Producing Open Textbook allows the TU Delft to showcase the range of expertise that is available at the university. More importantly, it helps teaching staff to further establish themselves as experts in their field and to be more effective teachers.

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