About TU Delft OPEN Textbooks

TU Delft Open Publishing has offered textbook publishing services since 2018. Open textbook publishing is a core component of the strategy and vision for open education, as part of the TU Delft strategic plan for Open Science. The open textbooks on this platform are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY), in accordance with the TU Delft Open Educational Resources policy. The textbooks produced by TU Delft teachers and used in bachelor and master courses are freely accessible. There is also a print-on-demand service available for all textbooks that are published as PDF. Costs for printing services are without any financial profit margins or royalties for TU Delft OPEN Publishing or for the authors of the books. If you are interested in publishing your own Open Textbook, contact TU Delft OPEN Publishing.

About Interactive textbooks

Interactive Open Textbooks (OIT) aims to create a service and provide support for TU Delft teaching staff who want to publish their educational resources as an open interactive textbook. We organise information and training sessions to share knowledge and inspiration and we manage the community of authors in MS Teams. For more information, please contact us via interactive-textbooks@tudelft.nl.

What is an open interactive textbook? ​
We define open interactive textbooks by two aspects: the presence of interactive elements in the textbook itself, and the possibility for others to interactively work with and build upon the textbook. For the interactive elements, we need a web environment; for interactive writing and developing, we need easy shareability of resources and an easy-to-understand way of editing. The Jupyter Books software package can provide both forms of interaction. Open interactive textbooks are written in MarkDown and published using Jupyter Books. We publish both the books and their source files on a TU Delft server, allowing both quality control (primarily by the authors) and adoptability by anyone under a CC-BY 4.0 license. We ask that any adopted versions are also published under a CC license, so that TU Delft authors may in turn adopt contributions from others as they see fit. ​​

What is the added value?
Open interactive textbooks are published on a TU Delft server, which guarantees the continued availability of your book. Moreover, the content of your book can be easily adapted and updated, which is one of the main advantages of Jupyter Books. During the writing process, the OIT support team will help you in setting up and publishing your book. Furthermore, the OIT support team is working on promoting this website to generate wide exposure for your published book. ​​

How to start ​
You install the Jupyter Books software package on your computer. You write your book by creating and writing MarkDown files and/or Jupyter Notebooks. All kinds of interactive elements can be included through scripts that you can either write yourself or adopt from available open materials. Once you are ready to publish, your files will be transferred to a centrally hosted TU Delft server. ​
If you want to publish an open interactive book, please contact us to get all the information you need to get started. ​​A pool of student assistants is available to support you through the steps of publishing your open interactive textbook.​

The TU Delft OPEN Interactive Textbooks are published with a CC-BY 4.0 license, in addition to the copyright, which is held by TU Delft. TU Delft is responsible for always maintaining the open availability of these books. The authors of the textbooks are responsible for the content. We ask that any adopted versions are also published under a CC license, so that TU Delft authors may in turn adopt contributions from others as they see fit. It is required to attribute the author(s), with the following attribution statement:​
[title book] by [names of authors] is licensed under CC-BY 4.0.​