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Interactive textbooks

TU Delft Open Interactive Textbooks is a platform that contains freely accessible interactive books produced by TU Delft lecturers, using Jupyter Books software. The books are used in bachelor and master courses at TU Delft, and available to anyone for adoption, extension and translation.​

Jupyter Books incorporate many of the features we expect from modern websites, such as adaptive layout (readable on phones, tablets, and large computer screens), internal and external referencing, and adaptable formatting (separation of content and layout). Moreover, Jupyter Books can contain interactive content, as demonstrated in the pages of this demonstration book, making them more than just online texts. On the other hand, they retain the formatting of equations, figures and tables found in printed texts due to integration with LaTeX and (Python-generated or user-provided) images.​

If you are interested in publishing your own TU Delft open interactive textbook, contact us for more information about the publishing process. 



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Quantum Sensing and Measurement

Gary Steele, Toeno van der Sar
November 16, 2023

Introductie Elektriciteit en Magnetisme

Wim G. Bouwman, Jacob P. Hoogenboom, Ron P.H. Haaksman
November 2, 2023

Mathematics for Quantum Physics

Peter Bruin
October 9, 2023

Jupyter Open Textbook: demo book

Timon Idema
October 9, 2023