Introduction to Aerospace Structures and Materials


René Alderliesten
TU Delft, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering


This book provides an introduction to the discipline of aerospace structures and materials. It is the first book to date that includes all relevant aspects of this discipline within a single monologue. These aspects range from materials, manufacturing and processing techniques, to structures, design principles and structural performance, including aspects like durability and safety. With the purpose of introducing students into the basics of the entire discipline, the book presents the subjects broadly and loosely connected, adopting either a formal description or an informal walk around type of presentation. A key lessons conveyed within this book is the interplay between the exact science and engineering topics, like solid material physics and structural analysis, and the soft topics that are not easily captured by equations and formulas. Safety, manufacturability, availability and costing are some of these topics that are presented in this book to explain decisions and design solutions within this discipline.


Author Biography

René Alderliesten, TU Delft, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

Dr.Alderliesten obtained his MSc and PhD degree both at TU Delft, and holds since 2012 the position of associated professor within the department of Aerospace Structures and Materials at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft. His expertise is fatigue and damage tolerance of metals, composites and hybrid materials, with the emphasis on proper understanding the physics of damage growth. Dr. Alderliesten introduces Aerospace Structures & Materials in the first semester of the BSc curriculum, while teaching Fatigue of Structures & Materials in the first semester of the MSc both at TU Delft and at the University di Bologna.

Aerospace, Design, Manufacturing, Materials, Structures

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December 12, 2018