Coastal Dynamics


Judith Bosboom
Delft University of Technology, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Marcel J.F. Stive
Delft University of Technology, Civil Engineering and Geosciences


This textbook on Coastal Dynamics focuses on the interrelation between physical wave, flow and sediment transport phenomena and the resulting morphodynamics of a wide variety of coastal systems. The textbook is unique in that it explicitly connects the dynamics of open coasts and tidal basins; not only is the interaction between open coasts and tidal basins of basic importance for the evolution of most coastal systems, but describing the similarities between their physical processes is highly instructive as well. This textbook emphasizes these similarities to the benefit of understanding shared processes such as nonlinearities in flow and sediment transport. Some prior knowledge with respect to the dynamics of flow, waves and sediment transport is recommended.


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Author Biographies

Judith Bosboom, Delft University of Technology, Civil Engineering and Geosciences

Dr. Judith Bosboom is a senior lecturer Coastal Engineering. She developed innovative teaching methods for the topic of Coastal Dynamics. Judith has been elected best lecturer for the MSc Hydraulic Engineering multiple times.  In 2016, she received both the best lecturer award for the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences and the best lecturer award for Delft University of Technology. She has successfully taught Nanjing University graduates (China) for several years.

Marcel J.F. Stive, Delft University of Technology, Civil Engineering and Geosciences

Prof. Marcel Stive is an emeritus professor Coastal Engineering. He assisted Judith in developing and teaching the Coastal Dynamics lectures based on his earlier involvements in lecturing and teaching. He has successfully taught Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Brazilian and Iranian graduates and/or professionals for several years.

Front cover Bosboom
coasts, tidal basins, waves, tides, sediments

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— Updated on January 11, 2023